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Ki Hong Kim Commends NTF President, Abdullahi Saidu-Baba

The President and Founder of the 9th Dan Kukkiwon Championship, Grandmaster KI HONG KIM has showered encomium on Nigerian Taekwondo athletes and believes they have great potentials to excel on the big stage.

The former Tournament Director for the 14th U.S. Junior Olympics in 1994, expressed delight with Nigerian Taekwondo athletes at the just concluded International Kuikiwon Seminar and Dan Testing held at the Moshood Abiola National stadium on Thursday in Abuja.

He noted that what he has seen so far in the Kukkiwon Seminar in Abuja is key to the development of the athletes, believing it is the basic foundation for building up athletes towards the next coming Olympic games.

Mr Ki Hong Kim also applauded the President of the Nigeria Taekwondo Federation, Alhaji Abdullahi Saidu-Baba for his efforts in keeping his eyes on all aspects of the development of the sport in Nigeria, stressing that more of such events will spur more athletes to take to the sport of Taekwondo in Nigeria.

“Nigeria has great potentials because this is the biggest place in africa, and it’s important for the Olympic games, and this is a basic foundation for building up, and it’s a great chance to be here for the building up”

“Current federation president really trying to work on both sides, I think it is simple, if you work on both sides, you can find great potentials for the future”

“Nigeria have great potentials, but previous federation did concentration and Kyrougi, Kukki and Dan is important also because they are the first foundation but it was missing, but current federation president is really trying to work on both sides and if you work on both sides you you’ll see great potential in the future of your athletes”

“I think this president is doing a good job because they are doing the Poomsae, the concentration and the Kyrougi also, based on this classification you can have more population come out, and when you have more turn out, you have a chance of having more Olympic medal prospect”

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